Community Serve Weekend

December 10 8:45 am - 12:00 pm

New Life Church offers a few different opportunities each month to serve our community and be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need in our neighborhoods.


Parking Lot Food Drive

One way to get involved yourself is to come and be a part of our monthly parking lot food drive. New Life Church partners with “Never Alone Food Pantry” to provide food boxes, milk, meat, and other food items to those in need. The event is held once per month in our parking lot at the church. NO REGISTRATION NEEDED. The events run from 10AM until 2PM or until all the food has been given out. Whichever comes first.


Neighborhood Serve Projects

We are also providing various neighborhood serve projects on the same weekend as the food drive. Each specific project will have a sign up which you can find below.  The Neighborhood projects consists of  yard clean up, gutter cleaning, minor repair work to  a home, etc. Please wear close toed shoes, and bring some work gloves. More details about each specific project will be emailed to those who have registered.



If you wish to volunteer please arrive at 8:45am the day of the event. There are specific needs for each event. To get more information about volunteering and the various needs for each event email us at [email protected]



If you would like to volunteer for our neighborhood project, register below and our projects coordinators will be in touch about the specifics for this month’s projects.

Also, if you know of someone who has a need such as, yard clean up, gutter cleaning, minor repair work to their properties, use the SERVE REQUEST button below to submit a request form and one of our neighborhood project leaders will be in touch with you to see how we can help.