New Life Small Groups

We weren’t created to do life alone. God created us with an inherent need for community. As a church, we are committed to seeing people connected to their God-given purpose.

Our vision for this ministry is that every person would find a source of relationship and discipleship as they learn and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

If you are interested in leading or joining a small group, please click the "Small Groups Survey Form" button below. Register and get updated information on meetings, trainings, and more from our Small Groups Coordinator, Jenny Elloy.

Discipleship Happens Better in Small Groups

Discipleship happens in relationships. Author, speaker and researcher, Ed Stetzer, found that 79% of churches in the United States and Canada consider small groups to be very important to the ministry of the church.

Transformation happens through relationships, not just by passing on information. Church small groups act as a training ground in discipleship.

Also, small groups show people how to maintain healthy Christian relationships, and take that discipleship training home to their families, workplaces, and the rest of the world.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out New Life Church members and their experiences below.

Matthew Euler

Listening to sound teaching builds me up in such a profound way. However, small group discipleship takes the Christian walk to a whole new level!  For all of eternity past our God has lived in perfect community as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is an example for how we are intended to live.  Small Groups are one of the more important ways for us to stay in Christian community.

Lynn Silvers

Many times, we go to church and sit in rows, and we don’t even know the names of the people who sit near us every single Sunday. Small groups allow us to get to know each other, to teach each other stories, to strengthen each other as we fellowship. Small groups I have hosted and attended have given me dear friends who are like family. We are not created to do life alone, so God gave us each other.

Duane Shippy

A couple of things that have made small groups important for me are: Getting to know people at my church.  Sundays don’t provide a lot of personal interaction, so the small groups have always been where I make friends at church. Digging into the Word.  Sunday church is great for big principles and motivation for the week but digging in and really learning the Bible happens more in small groups.

Tom and Sandra Hordos

Our Walking with a Purpose small group got started because of the difficult times we all endured during COVID. That’s when I was touched and had this passion to start a small group of walking together when small groupswere starting. We hold a devotional time after the walk. We are truly blessed and have received several wonderful feedbacks. Our group also has people outside of New Life Church join us. We plan to continue in the fall. This group started 1.5 years ago.

Chicka and Jenny Elloy

Small groups have allowed us a connection with other believers to continue to grow spiritually through the years. Our groups have helped us identify areas of strengths and weaknesses in our walk with Christ to help navigate the challenges of living in this world.

Kelly Teresi

The power of gathering weekly with the same group of individuals allows you to learn, walk alongside others and grow spiritually.  Small groups have been pivotal in my walk with Jesus, and I have made lifelong friends!  My husband and I have been in small groups 18 years and will always have this gathering as part of our lives!

Hal Walls

I really enjoy the research involved in preparing for a small group topic and then the discussion that follows among the members of the small group. My hope is that we see consistent spiritual growth in our small groups.

Ferdinand and Agnes

Leading a small group motivated us to continually give ourselves to the Word and prayer thus enhancing our fellowship with the Lord. We got the same feedback from group members.

Small Groups FAQ

Got questions about how small groups work? We've compiled some of the most common questions and answers below.

What happens in a Small Group?

Community happens. In a small group, you will catch up on life together, read and study God’s word, eat
delicious snacks, pray for each other, and create fun memories together.

When and Where do Small Groups meet?

Small Groups can happen any day of the week at whatever time the group leaders and members decide
is most convenient. Church rooms are available for a central meeting place. Please reach out to our
Small Group Coordinator at [email protected] to book space.

How long are Small Groups together?

Some groups are together for only 1 semester Aug-Dec or Jan-May, but other groups continue to meet
much longer. It is up to your group members and leaders.

Do Small Groups take breaks?

Many groups will develop their own rhythm and schedule over the time they are meeting. Groups may
decide to meet due to the make-up of the group. Semester breaks are created to allow new members to
enter and change groups in the Fall (August) and Winter (January).

Are children welcome to join Small Group meetings?

That’s up to your small group! We have seen small groups pull money together to hire a babysitter for
an evening or rotate parents to watch the kids in another room depending on the kids’ ages. We think
your kids can really benefit from watching their parents invest in a healthy community of people. New
Life Church does have a list of preferred babysitters. We are happy to share these with your group to
help make meeting easier.

How do I sign-up for a Small Group?

Click on the “JOIN A SMALL GROUP NOW” button above and that will take you to our Small Groups you can join.