Our Team


Meet Our Team!

Allan Malloy

Senior Pastor

Travis Jenkins

Executive Pastor

Tyler Harris

Student & Young Adult Pastor

Brian Robey

Children's Pastor

Brandon Ford

Media & Communications Pastor

Josh Ward

Worship Pastor

Courtney Ward

Worship Leader

New Life Church is led by a team of Elders, and our Finance Committee

The Elders and Finance Team have two primary roles. First, they are an Elder board in accordance with the laws governing the function of nonprofits. We are a non-profit entity and therefore must have a board to function legally and in accordance with accepted practice.

Second, it also has a Finance Committee which means they oversee the direction and approve the finances of our church. They provide leadership and accountability to our Pastoral Leadership team regarding major financial commitments at New Life Church. These two teams are made up of people within our congregation, who are New Life Stewards and serve as non-staff elders.


Tim West
Eddie Jordhoy
Shawn Woodall
Eric Schlegel
Gary Smith

Finance Committee:

Eric Schlegel
Ted Archer
Stephen Brock