What Is Pakistani Freedom?

Christians are under heavy persecution in Pakistan and most are unable to find good jobs and have no medical insurance.

When a medical emergency (or other) arises they often borrow from Muslim business men who own brick plantations (or other like labor).

In return for the medical treatment, their families are put in a bond slave situation on the plantation - everyone works - men, women and children up to 16 hours a day.

Some of the Masters are very bad men and often abuse the women and girls and the law does not protect them because they are viewed as “property.”

They are under full control of their master and there is little hope of ever making enough money back to buy their freedom.

Get Involved:

For about $2,000 we can purchase a families' freedom AND set them up in a new living quarters with fresh supplies.

Pastor "Sammy" is our connection in Pakistan and helps them find jobs and checks up on them regularly.

We can't do this without YOU. Please consider donating using the button below and selecting the "Pakistani Freedom" option in the drop down menu to help free more families.