Worship & Production

Worship at New Life Church

Worship is one of our core values at New Life Church. One of the primary ways we worship God is through music and singing each time we gather. We have faithful and dedicated teams of people serving each week to lead our church family in worship through music and production. Because our vision is to connect people to their God-given purpose, we are adding gifted and talented people to our teams regularly here at New Life. If you have an interest in music, running audio, creating video, or simply an artistic eye, this may be the team for you.


We have a team of vocalists using their voices to sing and serve each weekend at New Life. We believe that God has given people musical talent to bless the church and glorify God, so we are always searching for and cultivating vocal talent in our teams.


We also have a talented and dedicated team of musicians who use their gifts to serve the church. We have a variety of positions including guitarists, bass players, drummers, keys players, and other instruments.


We have technically-minded and detail-oriented people who faithfully serve on our production team each weekend at New Life. These people serve to prepare the place of worship for the people of God to encounter Him.

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Our Team Leaders

Brandon Ford

Media & Communications Pastor

Thomas Davis

Worship Pastor

Zach Woodall

Music Director